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Our Story - Knitwits Originals

Knitwits Originals are the original inventor of the worldwide animal hat trend! Since then they have produced over 2.6 million hats and shipped these crazy characters to over 2,500 retailers in 14 countries.
Handcrafted from 100% New Zealand wool using Azo free natural dyes, each hat goes through a 12 step process; from the washing and spinning of wool, to final tailoring and finishing by hand to create a quality finished product. Our factory looms run 12 months a year, and we have perfected the art of crafting three dimensional characters that are hands down the best on the market.

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Knitwits Originals, Since 2005. 


Since 2001 Active America Corp. Knitwits™ parent company has donated over $150,000 to many charities around the world with a focus on disadvantaged youth. 

La Roca Orphanage, Mexico
In 2001 Active sponsored a team to go to Tijuana Mexcio and start construction on a soccer field at La Roca children's orphanage. The project was completed 2 years later by many fellow groups from the United States.

Joy Foundation, Nepal.
In 2002 Active donated money to the Joy Foundation in Katmandu, 2004

Stichting Veldwerk Nepal
Between 2005 and 2010 Active donated over $20,000 to Stichting Veldwerk, a Dutch charity. Started by Rene Veldt who has the vision to help marginalized women and children within Nepalese society through education, awareness, vocational training and income generation. They also help meet their basic needs by offering shelter and healthcare.

Antardristi Nepal
This outreach program founded by Vinita Adhikari, counsels women and children affected by sexual abuse in Nepal. A cause close to their heart, Active has been integrally involved in contributing to this charity.

Lugar Des Promesas, Guatemala
Since 2009 Active has donated over $18,000 to the development of programs at Lugar Des Promesas. Founded by Jose F. Contreras Lugar de Promesas, the vision is to promote the development and well-being of the children in central Guatemala in the following areas: emotional, mental, spiritual, social, physical, and financial.

World Wildlife Fund.
Active has made a commitment to donate $75,000+ over three years to WWF Canada.